Tuesday, December 23

The Wish List.

To take much better photographs.

People always want to know what you'd like for Christmas. I would honestly love some world peace, a better economy for those who are struggling, homes for the homeless, the end of George W....you know the usual things we all hopefully wish for. But if you're gonna twist my arm, here's a few things I wouldn't mind in my life. They say, "if you're gonna wish, wish big". So here goes...

A vintage Typewriter. This one's a cool color, too!

An Eichler home of my very own.

A never ending supply of art books.

A romantic trip to Paris with my favorite person.

A vintage Dodge Dart. Preferably a convertible.

To be able to design and sew clothes really well.

To have had more time with my dog Cooper.

To really know how to surf and do it all the time.