Wednesday, February 11

Ode to My Deco: Dine-One-One.

I can't stop...I keep on wishing Domino's My Deco Files would keep on living, and since there's no sign of new life yet, I keep on downloading. This is Part Four in my series, Ode My Deco and it's all about where to we go to eat...without living the house. I've don't always opt for cooking in over eating out, but more often than not, I love a good dinner party over a night on the town. And a wonderful dining room is just an extension of what makes for a great meal with friends and family. I had a little trouble deciding which of the many beautiful dining rooms I found Domino's Deco Files to share, but here's a sampling of some fun, eclectic ones. I do love a great table and some mix and match well as have just a slight obsession for a Saarinen table, or chair.