Wednesday, February 11

Time Out, SF!

We've started a new feature here each Wednesday at sfgirlbybay, brought to you by the lovely Erin Loechner, editor at Design for Mankind. Erin has an amazing design blog, and if you've never visited you have to pop over there and check out her beautiful finds, and uplifting and inspiring posts. Erin sent me her first installment of Time Out, SF, and I couldn't help but notice how timely it is, with the economy what it is right now, and I think you'll see what I mean. People are doing much more entertaining in their homes these days, and what better way, than, on....

Greetings! I've made a bit of a resolution to myself for '09 to spend less time behind my computer monitor [my eyes are thanking me already and it's only February!]. Enter 'Time Out, SF', your new Wednesday guide to passing time without the computer.

Today's assignment? Enlist a few friends and bring back game night. Our favorite is "The Game of Things" and is, surprisingly, verrrrrry easy:

A player begins round one with a topic of his/her choice, i.e. "Things you should never say to a pregnant woman," or "Things you should do in an elevator." Each player secretly writes their answer down and puts it into a hat. The topic initiator then reads each answer aloud and everyone must guess which answer belongs to which player!

It's a riot to play with your creative friends and quite the stress reliever. Especially when your topic is "Things I wish I could say to my boss."

Time out, SF!

*Vintage game image from Small Treasures; Vintage Bingo image from Norththreads; Word Fun from diann0605.


LEAH said...

these games are fantastic! i have a beautiful chinese checkers game made of hand carved wood

this humble abode said...

We are big fans of game night. Do you know Apples to Apples? Best ever.

thebubbreport said...

FUN! Hi Erin, it's great to see you over at one of my other favorite blogs!!!


/// said...

Ahhh Hi Becky!

And oh my goodness... Apples to Apples is the best game ever! :)