Wednesday, March 11

Design For Mankind Dialogue.

The very prolific and talented Erin Loechner (see Time Out below) is at it again with a brand new endeavor, entitled Dialogue, a really cool video project on her blog, Design for Mankind. Erin has gathered together a fantastic group of people to participate in this Dialogue video series, dedicated to all the things we as a creative community should be sharing with each other.

The first Dialogue episode is all about 'Balance', and oh, how I could relate to that. I am the multi-tasking queen, and I can tell you, it's exhausting! In this episode, Erin asks this panel, "how do you, as an artist/designer/blogger, hold it all together? What does your work/family/personal life balance look like, and what happens when you drop the ball?". Check out what artists Lisa Solomon, Jen Gotch and Kelly Lynn Jones have to share on the topic. I think you too, will more than relate. Great job, Erin!


ashley morgan said...

I find balance hard, and I don't even have kids yet!

Kelly Lynn Jones said...

yeah balance is tough, i am constantly trying to figure it out. xo

sfgirlbybay said...

you guys did great!! i was so impressed, and could relate so much! i never have time for anything!! i need to schedule my time better for sure!


aww thank you for posting this for your sweet readers to see, vic!

i think we're all starting to realize that we're all in this together-- no one has it figured out.

in fact, we're all half crazy!

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks erin for doing this series - can't wait to see them all!

and, i know i'm crazy!! :)

printtroll said...

We may be crazy but we are the future. All the one woman and one man operations are taking over as the bloated old stuffed shirts all go to prison.

Erin your series is great and sfgirlbybay your finds are super.