Wednesday, March 11

It's a Very Still Life.

I received an email from a talented flickr photographer sharing his beautiful work, and just had to post some of his photos! These are the interior still life photos of photographer Neville Trickett and I find them quite inspirational and beautiful. Neville doesn't have a website for his work quite yet, but you can visit more of his lovely photos on his flickr photostream. Enjoy!


Jen said...

Lovely photos. I'm also interested in the little bowls in the first one. Those would be great for jewelry.

Yan said...


stacey said...

I have never visited your blog and I can't believe I've missed out for so long!!
You will be a daily read for me now.
This artist really touched me. I went to browse his flicker photos and wow! they are fantastic.

Thanks for sharing them.
I just posted some of my new designs on my blog...maybe you can take a look. They are quite different from this wonderful artist.

Take Care,
Stacey Costello

Joanna said...

These photos are so dreamy and inviting. I can easily spend the rest of the afternoon in this beautiful little world.

Naija said...

good pitchures..i liked the vessels stuff

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

ooh, love these,

Sam said...

A very super talent!

Mélanie said...

Very inspiring ....J'adore