Monday, March 16

Sunday in the City.

The sun popped in and out all weekend, but these shots were mostly taken Saturday...Sunday it just continued to rain. So these colorful shots cheered me up and kept me company on a very gray day. I'd love to see more of Sunday in Your City, so please send in submissions and I'll gather up another group of images from readers around the world to post in the next few weeks!

Future's So Bright.

Springtime in the City.

Paper Moons.

Alphabet City.

Room With A View.

Eat at Joe's.

Never Promised You A Rose Garden.

Holy Tacos!


rachellovespeace said...

i love all of the colors in these lovely photos. they brightened my monday morning. ♥

MODsquad said...

This just might be my favorite Sunday in the City post! Love these pics!

Underfunded Heiress said...

Great photos! I love the rose garden one.

Diana said...

Oh I love it, I may have to send some!!

shutterbean said...

i love joe's! especially with all that hot sauce! he try a dab of each one on the chips.

Keyse said...

i love the taco lounge pics! hosting taco nights is my favorite thing to do...i need to turn the living room into a taco lounge, feeling inspired!

Lune Vintage said...

Will you make a book with a collection of your Sunday's in the City - PLEASE! They are always inspiring and beautiful.

melly said...

superb colour on all the photos this week, Alphabet City yay!

vantiani said...

Oh this is perfect!
I have this post called Sunny Sunday on my blog and I will definitely send some pictures, Victoria!

Thanks a lot,


Myra said...

My six year old daughter loves your photography! In her words...that is nice art and pictures Mommy! Good job. Thank you for giving us such a great blog to enjoy!

sfgirlbybay said...

that is so sweet! thank you myra!