Friday, April 24

Friday Food Files With Molly Watson: Preserving Artichokes.

I gave away the final jar of last year's preserved baby artichokes last week. The cupboard is bare (at least of artichokes) and so my thoughts turn to putting up this year's batch. It sounds very romantic and lovely - spending the day trimming artichokes, packing them into glass jars, processing them, and finally kicking back with a glass of wine while watching them cool. In just that moment - that moment when I think it sounds like great fun to put up pounds and pounds of artichokes - I'm happy to have a blog post to remind me to keep it small, keep it simple. Better, in my humble opinion, to do several separate afternoons of preserving four pounds of artichokes each than one mega-session of sixteen.

Whether you care to put up your own artichokes or buy the canned variety, try this Artichoke and Caper Pasta for a quick dinner from ingredients that, if you're anything like me, you already have in the pantry.

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*Photos courtesy of Molly Watson.


mrs boo radley said...

Love the artichoke! All year 'round.

desiree said...

I was just passing thru lovely Watsonville California...Artichokes were 10 for a dollar...I wish I got some. I think I shall make a special trip to try this recipe out! Thanks.

Char said...

I love artichokes - the shots are beautiful and I bet they taste as good as they look

Candi said...

Marinated artichokes are the best. Thanks for sharing, this pasta looks delicious!

LINDSAY said...

I'm growing artichokes for the first time this year! I need to learn how to do this!

maja said...

omg- i have to try this!