Wednesday, April 8

Here Comes Mr. Cotton Tail!

One of my favorite online shops and sponsors, LAMA is having an Easter sale on some pretty unique bunnies! Probably one of the most put together rag dolls ever seen, this little bunny began his life by being stuffed with floor rags and then covered in soft wool giving him an incredibly rich texture. Felt features and pieces of printed fabric give this bunny a very vintage quality not seen in today's stuffed animals.

Made entirely by hand by Argentinean designer Marina Bandin, this little bunny has flown all the way from Argentina just to arrive at LAMA to make a gorgeous Easter gift. Due to the hand made nature, no two bunnies are identical. From now through Easter Sunday, LAMA has marked them down 15%. If they're ordered by today, Wednesday, April 8th, they'll actually make it on time for Easter!


Miss | A said...

ohhhhh! so cute.

Rowena said...

How funny... I have a bunny from them for my little girl. I used to have a boy (we named him carl) for my little boy, but it got lost in the move. :(

I never thought to see them on line.

Catherine said...

This reminds me of my first bunny...*sigh* I think he's chilling up in my parent's attic right now.