Wednesday, May 27

Baubles, Wine & Cheese!

Tonight, Wednesday, May 27 in San Francisco, my friend Lisa Coris, and another talented artist, Antonia Blyth are having a little necklace party in the Richmond from 6p-9p. It'll be fun night with wonderfully unique and affordable jewelry pieces for sale. You can see more of what these artists have to offer in advance at Lisa Coris Designs, and Antonia Blyth Jewelry.

If you'd like to drop over for wine, cheese and baubles, just drop Lisa an email (lisacorisdesigns [at] gmail [dot] com) and she will provide you with the address. Get your necklace on!


Boxcar Goods said...

LOVE these!

Rebecca Corvese said...

I love the second necklace. Thanks for the link to Lisa.

MELI. said...

adoooorable! <3