Wednesday, June 3

Friends & Neighbors: Over at Yvestown.

Just about everyone I know loves a good Paumes book, but sometimes you're not fortunate enough to have a bookstore (like San Francisco's Kinokuniya) that carries the Paumes books. Pames are Japanese interior books by small publishing company édition Paumes. Hard to get, beautiful images, and a must have for interior design lovers. But the lovely Miss Yvonne Eijkenduijn from the blog Yvestown has them for you! She has these fantastic books available to everyone worldwide from her Yvestown shop.

If you haven't visited Yvonne and Yvestown before, you really should. Yvonne lives in Belgium, a world traveler with wonderful taste, and as she explains, "tries live each day like freshly shaven legs under clean sheets." I love that! Pop over to her shop to view her complete list of Paumes book titles, including a brand new one on San Francisco Kitchens, and featuring one of our city's favorite artists, Lisa Congdon.


Anonymous said...

These look amazing...can't wait to check them out.

Wallflower Diaries said...

Very Cool!

Cathy said...

That succulent photo grabbed my heart. It's a classic!


Sophie said...


i just started a blog come see