Tuesday, July 11

And now, for a Public Service Announcement.


Well, well, well. Gotten myself into a bit of pickle, now, haven't I? One of my more informed bloggers has kindly warned me that I may have irritated the blog gods by listing something that may have been without permission. Honestly, I was doing this out of flattery and in an honest effort to link people to the sites I think are most useful, creative and just plain art. So, I apologize profusely if I offended anyone. My bad. I'm new to this game. But if you would like your site, blog or artwork listed, simply just let me know and if I think it's something pertinent to this site, I will be happy to do so. Thank you for your time.

1 comment:

Oberon said...

.....aren't you cute?.....you don't have to apologize for nothin'.....just tell'em.....too bad, so sad, don't have a cow man!