Monday, July 10

Where's Your Sense of Humor, For Heaven's Sake?

I honestly believe you shouldn't take yourself too seriously. Nor should you forget to add a little humorous incongruity to your home. It's fun to have little pieces here and there that give you a laugh. I can appreciate a sterile, pristine environment, really I can. But I could personally never live in an art directed photo shoot. But, yes, I can definitely admire it. I like too much stuff, and too many styles to conform to just one. My favorite bit of apartment whimsy is this portrait of Rico Suave, my dashing and handsome boyfriend (well, he's not really my boyfriend, but since I am currently sans-beau, he's a great temporary stand-in). As my father said, "That is really ugly." Well, yeah, duh. But that's sort of the point - he's so ugly he's charming. I like to find the ridiculous element in something, especially art. I had to wrench him from the hands of his previous owner, who was visibly heartbroken to part with him (I earnestly believe these two truly may have been lova's). But with a terse "Say your goodbyes, he's mine now," I paid my $50 and strode away quickly, lest he change his crestfallen little mind.

Anyway...I highly suggest adding some comic relief to your dwelling. It's a happy thing. And, it tends to confuse the parents, if you enjoy that kind of thing.

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