Saturday, August 19

Alphabet City.

Your first impression of Timeless Treasures is that you've perhaps walked into some kind of crazy alphabet museum. Everywhere you look there's a word spelled out in various, eclectic, vintage letters.

Owner Joan O'Connor is an outgoing, enthusiastic proprietor who will engage you in wordy, creative banter the moment you enter the store. Joan imports much of the store's collection from Paris flea markets and there seems to be a story behind every piece. She convinced me to buy letters spelling out LoVe mY D o G. I'm not sure how she did it, but then kindly threw in a 'V' for Victoria. Nice touch.

Letters have fashionably come and gone, but done right, and I believe, minimalistically, they still have their place. I think they're great, unique and personal gifts for good friends, family or maybe a bridesmaid. My office hosted a holiday dinner and used our initials spelled out as funky place settings and it was visually interesting and totally personal. We all got to keep them and I loved it.

But the shop offers much more than letters...Joan collects vintage glassware from all over, of impeccable quality and grand in color scheme.

There's antique jewelry, furniture, carved wooden Madonnas, you name it, if it's eclectic and unusual, it's probably there. And it's very well organized and displayed, so you can clearly see its future place in your home, on your shelves, or even perhaps decorating your neck. It's delightfully all spelled out. A-B-C....

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Malena said...

Just the kind of place I've been looking for. Thank you for sharing!