Tuesday, August 22


Craigslist makes me so happy. I've found many a treasure there, including my best friend Cooper the wonder dog, but furniture is of a whole different genre of treasure, so I don't pretend to compare the two by any means! So, with that clarified, boy did I score! I found these two mid-century modern chairs (maker unknown) and this lovely 5' x 8' flokati rug all for $150. I had to drive out to Orinda to pick them up, from a lovely couple with a fantastic modernist house, but I'd never been to Orinda before, so it was a pleasant adventure (it's a nice, woodsy town). A tad bit tricky driving them back home in the convertible bug - especially shifting gears on the Bay Bridge. Whew, that was a little nutty, but we made it back all in one happy and very satisfied piece. A good, old-fashioned Woolite scrubbing in the tub with the rug, and we were good to go. One nice fluffy white area rug, and two brand-spanking-new old, white leatherette chairs. And now a whole new twist to my living room, all for pretty much the price of a haircut in this town! Bless you, Craig.


sydney said...

Great score! The chairs and rug look terrific in your place; definitely worth the schlep to Orinda (nice town as far as suburbia goes). Your apartment just gets better and better!

Craigslist is a wonder; I got a super desk and have sold a couple of computers on it. What was it we did before it came into being?

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks Sydney! I feel like I need to de-clutter a bit, but I do love the rug and the chairs. I don't know what we did, I found Cooper, a few apartments, sold & bought tons of stuff. It is a great resource.

Ter said...

First time to Orinda? Go back for the Shakespeare Festival some time. The setting is amazing, as they've put such a small footprint on the land.

I'm happy for your deal ... but in my 15 years living in the East Bay, I never dropped $150 on a haircut and could never afford to live in SF proper. Which is just as well, since I went to the theatre and opera (a lot!) instead.

I found your blog by way of Apartment Therapy. Thanks for the ongoing saga of life in Bagdad by the Bay.

katie said...

What a fantastic find! Great deal too. Love the chairs and rug. Craigslist is such a fantastic resource.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome, you have a great eye for finding the perfect fit!


Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria-

I got sucked into your blog by your amazing house tour on apartment therapy, i've been an avid reader since then! You're home is beautifully and cozily put together and a great inspiration for a new apartment dweller like myself.

Love you're new additions, didn't think you could improve much on what you'd already done but there you go again! Congrats on your craigslist finds! Nothing beats that satisfaction!

Asli said...

you really changed things around!
They look great! I'm in the lookout myself for (a) a midcentury credenza (b) dining chairs (either breuer or some tonnet) to replace my ugly pottery barn chairs and (c) a great low wood coffee table to replace a heavy (both literally and to the eye) trunk. You are soooo great at this. I keep postponing mine like crazy.
Do you mind if I shoot you some pictures offline and you take a look when you get a chance and offer some ideas? (I'm like you, I'm already bored with my layout, and want to change things around, but am a little stuck at creativity!) Let me know how that sounds..
You're so influential!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! As usual, your style just brings everything together. I love your place more and more everytime I see a photo of it. Thank for opening the doors of your home to us again.

Dawn Marie

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks everyone! I always love the encouragement. The room is still a work in progess (may need to ditch some of the chairs), but I'm working on it.

Ter - yup first time to Orinda, very pretty. And I know $150 is way too much for haircut (I think I'd better admit there are some highlights with that cut!).

Asli - Happy to help - send me some pix and I'll take a look.