Thursday, September 21

Bird Bath.

Can you design a fresh looking, modern bathroom around some funky birds? With these new window panels from Urban Outfitters, I think you've got a real good start. They're designed with a fun, 50's sketchbook-style print of birdcages on cream-colored cotton with vintage turquoise and orange hued birds. Stitched with a tunnel-loop top, they come complete with a matching side-tie. If you put two panels together, and added a plastic liner, think what a cool shower curtain these would be make, and just $28 each.

Toothbrushes can look like more than our ordinary, daily tools in one of these curvy shaped vases inspired by vintage designs. Made of cased glass in aqua, again on sale at West Elm, just $3.99.

I'd definitely add one of these stylish beveled edge mirrors with the lovely bird silhouette printed in the center, also from Urban Outfitters. I think these are so great at just $10! And they added a nice black metal hook so you can hang up your fluffy white robe.

If you were to add one of these soft piled, bath mats in Ocean colored dyed cotton that would add a nice finishing touch of color. They're on sale now at West Elm, just $9.99. And there you go, it's all about the birds!


Sydney said...

$3.99 for that blue West Elm vase?? I bought it (and its taller cousin) when they were on sale for $5.99 and $9.99; I may have to check and see if the green versions are still available. I love them all; they are beautiful.

Not surprised that you found them at an even better price Victoria; you are the Czarina of Shopping!

atomicamy said...

Hi Victoria,

I am going to stop by your garage sale thingy this if I see you [I think I can spot ya!] I will come up to you and introduce myself......

[I am still thinking of having you take a look at my apt. one of these days, when I get a chance. I need help! haha].

See you over the weekend [hopefully!]

Again, love your blog. It's always an inspiration!


sfgirlbybay said...

Great Amy - I think I'm one of the few blondes in the building so look for me.