Friday, September 22

Photo Booth Art.

I suppose one could challenge me when I call this 'art', but regardless, I really like it. I was going through some old photographs this week and scanning in some vintage shots of me as a kid to upload to my new addiction, Flickr, when I found a whole bunch of old photo booth strips. I'd taken most of these over the last few years here in San Francisco (mostly at The Elbo Room) and on trips to New York City, but I also found some my college boyfriend I had taken - wow, that was a flashback.

I am in love with photo booths (remember Amelie?) and try to stop at every one I see. Sadly, they're not many around these days. I wanted to preserve these special mementos of my past, so I decided to cut them into individual shots and mix & match them into one big frame. I had so many pix I had to do two, one big and one small, but here's how they came out. Quite fun, I think. Bet you're wondering how I got Coop to pose...ah, it's just photoshop.

If you'd like to find more photo booth fun, check out this cool blog, called strangely enough, The Photo Booth Blog. They've even listed photo booths locations for you to track down around the country on your next road trip, or maybe even in your very own neighborhood. And then there's also a Photo Booth Group on Flickr should you just like to look. Okay, say cheese!


atelier455 said...

Old photo booth pictures have something really special about them, and I like what you've done with them here. It's such a shame that there are so few of the old-style machines around now - the ones where you get four individual shots. I can't remember the last time I saw one like that in London.

claire said...

I can't get enough of photobooth pictures either! I'm a photography teacher (high school) and I turned my gigantic display window into a photobooth as a kind of reward for students who finish their work.

sfgirlbybay said...

Claire - what a great idea. Your students are lucky to have someone so inspired. Thanks for sharing!