Wednesday, September 27

By George, I think I must have it!

With their trusty fox terrier George as inspiration, a couple of very cool designers, Bobby Wise and Lyndon Lambert created George here in San Francisco. George is pretty much heaven for dog and cat owners who like to prance around a well-dressed pet, as well as having stylish sleeping and dining accoutrements for their pets around the home.

They also enlisted the talented designer Tom Bonauro to design an entire line of eye-catching home accessories and fashionable gear designed especially for our friends on all fours. They even produce a line of baked-from-scratch treats, so not only are they style conscious, but they provide our loved ones with delicious and healthy snacks, too. George offers its ever-expanding collection at two shops in San Francisco and Berkeley and right here at George's online store. You don't want to let your pet be a Glamour Don't, now do you?

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megan said...

and soon to be opening in los angeles! i think that lyndon mentioned that it would be on montana.