Tuesday, September 26

Magnetic Attraction.

The buttons are on sale! On sale, I say, at the fabulous Repro Depot. I'm a wee bit of a seamstress, but nothing so complicated it would involve a button hole. However, I do love looking at and admiring buttons, especially vintage ones. Repro Depot has a great line of vintage-inspired buttons and they're all 20% off right now. So they're all around $2! I just sounded like Vanna White!

What I like to do with these fun buttons is turn them into your better looking than average, run of the mill magnets. All you need is an inexpensive glue gun, some plain round magnets you can pick up at any hardware store and some of these cute buttons. A spot of glue on the back of the button, attach the magnet, hold it a few seconds until glue is dry and there it is - a magnet cute enough to hold up any invitation, to do list, or a favorite photo.

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