Monday, September 11

Decor8 Appreciation Day

A huge thank you to Decor8 today, who featured my apartment on their amazing design blog today. I am most flattered! If you've never checked out Holly Becker's lovely blog before, once you see it you'll be hooked. I don't know how she accomplishes so much in one day! Decor8 is constantly updated with great tips and product information.

Holly combines client interior design consultations with freelance design writing, which is the ideal career for her, especially since she and her husband split their time between New England and Germany which requires her to remain quite mobile. Writing about design also keeps her tied into the field very closely, which makes her an in-demand design consultant amongst the urban-minded singles and couples that seek her out for her fresh creative approach to design.

In addition to product and store reviews, Decor8 also features a steady dose of designer interviews, indie goodies, sale + budget finds, beautiful art, and design tips. I aspire to her level of fabulousity! Thanks again Holly!

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Anonymous said...

Her site seems like a rip off of at least 5 others.