Monday, September 11

Shelve it.

I've always liked The Container Store. Shopping in their stores and online is as clean and orderly as the products they sell. Streamlined, modern and organized. And as someone with a touch of OCD, I can truly appreciate this. I like being able to organize my books, records, all that stuff I can't seem to throw away, any and all of my belongings in containers that not only function well, but look great on my shelving. Keeping clear of clutter is one of the best things you can do to make your place look polished. And good looking shelving helps a lot. I received The Container Store Shelving Sale Catalog today and it was nice to see some wonderful new design options for shelving.

I thought this Conceal Book Shelf was really cool - almost like your favorite books are floating in mid air. It's an L-shaped shelf that mounts to your wall, then you place one of your hardcover books to the specially designed clip on the shelf and this serves as a base for anything else you'd like to stack on top. Pretty sleek and only $7.50 each. Magic books! And look, like me, they've shown them with the books color-coordinated. See, I'm not that crazy.

These Galvanized Metal Tower Shelves have lots of mobility as you can combine them with their optional set of rolling casters. This set of three is on sale for $145 and will look contemporary in any living room, home office, or even a bathroom - I see big, fluffy bath towels looking great rolled up and stacked in the shelves, with your bath essentials organized on the top or middle shelves. Unexpected and fun.

I really like these Acrylic Shelves - clear and super sleek, they'd blend in nicely with any modernist decor. I think they'd work in a number of rooms in your home - it'd be fun to contrast them with a display of your porcelain tea cups in the kitchen. Or shelve your collection of old childhood toys - anything will look great but I do like mixing modern acrylic with vintage objects for added interest. $7 to just $15. Clearly, a deal. Ha!

This cool, contemporary version of the elfa® Hobby Center and Hobby Desk brings back so many memories. My brother Tod and I had these wall units in our rooms as kids and now they're back in fashion and everywhere. I like these because the white wall brackets blend into the wall and look clean and functional. The shelves are deep so they're not only good for home-work spaces, but really good for stereo, MP3, entertainment, computer equipment and accessories. Around $360. Oh, and you can build a pretty decent fort with blankets and sheets underneath - Tod and I can vouch for it.


jordan said...

Hey, I found your blog through Decor8. Your apartment is really beautiful, just thought I would let you know you have an admiring fan.

porcelain said...

I really like those acrylic shelves. Good idea to put vintage/antique pieces to mix up the styles.