Monday, October 16

Every girl loves a little mascara.

On my neighborhood walk with Coop this weekend, we roamed over to Polk Street, in the lower Russian Hill neighborhood. I noticed a new shop, with a fun new name Mascara Vintage. Owner Cara Samski carries lots of mid-century modern home accessories and loads of vintage clothes from all eras. Everything in the shop seemed really reasonable priced and the store itself is just really fun to be in. It's bright, funky and has an energetic vibe.

I love that this shop was once a beauty shop and Cara kept the old green sink. Above it on shelves that once held pomade, are vintage glasses, pottery and kitschy knick-knacks.

And though sfgirlbybay doesn't really focus on the clothing world, I have to say, Mascara Vintage has some great fashion finds, like this fur-collared coat. Yummy. As any smart girl knows, it's important to look as good as your apartment feels.

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