Tuesday, October 17

Pop Goes the Melamine!

I'm a big fan of CSA Images, which is Charles S. Anderson Design Company's stock illustration site. With zillions of cool, retro images that can purchased to use in advertising, graphic design etc., they've now started this new line called Pop Ink and they have an assortment of fun products you can order online. In their words, they've created "modern artifacts for today's pop culture", including air fresheners for your car in cute little cut-outs, journals and notecards, even chewing gum. But what I just love are these Melamine plates they call Culinary Art. They come in a bunch of fun designs in saturated, cool color images molded into heavy-duty Melamine plates. And, they're manufactured by the same company that makes them for the US military! (Think Rumsfeld knows about this?) They've even been clever enough to design mix and match napkins to compliment the fabulous plates. So indoor-outdoor, too!

Here's a few of my favorites. From upper right, clockwise: Smorgas-board Plate Set; Fashion Plate Set; Love-Sick Set and the Wallpaper Plate Set. Produced in limited quantities in sets of four. Pop Ink dinnerware proves that you can have your art and eat off it too.


Funky Finds said...

great graphics!

Anonymous said...

We just posted a bunch of new sets, 15 total, check them out at popink.com