Monday, August 27

¿Dónde está el diseño casero?

sfgirlbybay reader Christine wrote to me seeking out Latin American
design blogs. She's been searching the web like mad for home
decor and design blogs from the beautiful countries to the south.

There's such amazing craftsmanship and architecture there, I have to think
someone is blogging about it. I know of great designers, like Casamidy,
but I couldn't think of any blogs to assist her in her search. Does anyone know
of some sites we can refer her to, and enlighten the rest of us in the process?

All photos courtesy of Casamidy.


K said...

I don't but I do have lots of photos from Brazil on Flickr....

The richness of texture and materials blew me away

Also one of the writers on Josh Spear's site is from Sao Paolo. They might have an answer.

K said...

Also I know this is not relating but did you know the home tours are coming up. They are so much fun a live 'sneak peek' if you will into several homes a day.

sfgirlbybay said...

K - thanks for sharing - very cool photos!

and i did not know about the home tours...i'm off to check it out on their site - thanks!

sfgirlbybay said...

reader Beatriz had tech trouble commenting, but she emailed me with some lovely book ideas:

"I don't know of any blogs devoted to this topic but there are some
great books available about Mexican style loaded with lots of beautiful
pictures. Mexican Style by Peter Aprahamian and In A Mexican Garden by Gina Hyams are two that come to mind."

thanks Beatriz!

Ali said...

it's more of an art blog, but geninne does showcase some design from her home in mexico ... she won 3rd place in AT's smallest coolest last year.

c*liz said...

thanks so much for all the help. One direction has definitely led to another and I've been finding some great sites! I really appreciate it.


the antibride said...

hi! i'm a mexican designer (living in leon, guanajuato. mexico) with a blog which documents my moving into our new home! here's the link:

cindy*staged4more said...

you have a great eye. you always pick the coolest photos, which made me enjoy your blogs very much ;) thanks for the visuals