Tuesday, August 28

Very French. Very Fleur*t.

I've been meaning to share Fleur*t with you for a while now. It's a really lovely shop in the Richmond district on Clement Street with a great flair for unique design and some really unusual and inventive ideas for displaying cut flowers and potted plants.

Their site is undergoing renovations, but in the meantime, I shot a ton of pix. It's part floral and garden boutique, part home decor and a little bit French flea market. They have very creatively utilized all kinds of vintage pieces as containers for an assortment of colorful gerber daisies, exotic orchids, gardenias and prehistoric looking succulents. Although the pieces are old, they have a cool modern edge to them.

It's a great shop for a housewarming gift, or just a special prezzie for yourself. I love the simple white bowl of floating gardenias and am going to steal this idea for sure - I have just the (salad!) bowl for it. That's a great thing about Fleur*t, you leave inspired to rummage through your cupboards, closets or garage for cast-offs that may give new life to a potted plant or a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

In addition to cut flowers and plants, they have beautiful scented candles, soaps
and pretty hand towels, as well as one giant sculpture of some kind of shepherd,
should you be on the lookout for one of those.

Funky old medical lamps are hanging from beams, metal milk crates are
stuffed with stems and and vintage dishes just sitting there looking pretty.

Even if you're not buying, Fleur*t is a wonderful spot for a visit and brilliant inspiration.


changapeluda said...

I wanted to come clean and tell you I've been lurking on your gorgeous site...but for good cause!
My son started SFSU (this week!) and I wanted to see where and what
he is going to see. Your blog
covers that so Beautifully.
You have excellent taste
and I always feel Lofty after I leave here. So thanx.

Heather said...

WOW! Sounds amazing! I MUST go there!

Alicia G. said...

Clever name and beautiful store.

studio wellspring said...

wonderfulness ~ i cannot wait to go here! thanks so much for the fab share!

robyn said...

It's a great spot, I always go in after a run to Satin Moon. Nice pics Victoria. You should design their website. :)

Leigh said...

This place looks great. Thanks for sharing. It's going on my growing list of shops to visit in and around SF.

Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Looks beautiful, I'll have to check it out.

Penny M. said...

Added this to my list of must see's.

cindy*staged4more said...

oh yay! thanks for the tip! this looks like something that i would love to visit all the time. i just went on their site, their photos (and yours) look amazing. can't wait to see the store in person...