Friday, September 7


Just a few reminders of a couple of excellent sounding events going on this weekend...

• Saturday, September 8 is the opening of Annie Galvin's latest art show! There will be drinks, music, and *wow*, 70 new paintings. At The Salon 377 Guerrero St. @ 16th Street, 7pm - 9pm.

Something Was There Early Work From Diane Arbus at the Fraenkel Gallery, 49 Geary Street, Suite #450. September 6 thru October 27. One of my very favorite photographers*.

Cake Walk - Saturday, September 8, 2 - 4 pm. DWR has partnered with Miette Cakes (yum!) for an afternoon of cake and DWR's Mix or Match Sale. They're having cake walk competitions for whole cakes starting at 3pm. Head down earlier to enjoy a cupcake, some coffee and the best in modern design. DWR, 455 Jackson Street.

• And down L.A. way...Pieces of Us, Michelle Caplan's new show will be opening this Saturday night, September 8 at Regeneration in Eagle Rock, 1649 Colorado Blvd. Have a great show, Michelle!

*Photograph by Diane Arbus, Blaze Starr in her living room, July 1964.


Lara said...

Hi! I enjoy your blog quite a bit, so
I'm embarrassed that my first comment is to note that the photo of Diane Arbus is a photo of Nicole Kidman playing Arbus in the movie ˆFurˆ.But I'm totally jealous that you get to see her photos this weekend!

sfgirlbybay said...

Oh, awkward!...I was so tired last night that I thought it was a really young, pretty photo of her. And, she's way too tall. How embarrassing! I am replacing it now! Thanks for pointing it out. I am a huge fan, so I can't believe I didn't notice - I just read her autobiography, too, filled with photos of her. Geeeesh. No late night blogging!