Friday, September 7

It's All About Etsy.

My friend, illustrator Leigh Wells has just opened an etsy shop! The ever-resourceful Jan of Poppytalk spotted her first - she always finds the best of etsy and beat me to it! Man, she's good! (Check her blog often for some great etsy talent.) But I wanted to share a bit of Leigh's available pieces, too. It's great to have Leigh's beautiful archival illustrations available to not just her many clients, but to us regular, average art-loving citizens too!


Leigh also introduced me to this cool, and very green, etsy shop, Remake. Their philosophy is to create beautiful things using mainly salvaged and recycled materials. And all their really creative items are silk-screened and/or sewn by hand. I love these glorious, recycled word processor labels which were printed with a gocco machine. I'd like to make some jam or something, just so I can label the jars with these.


robyn said...

I bought the cute bulldog, thanks for the post.

sfgirlbybay said...

yay! i'm glad it's going to a good home. :)

Jennifer at Design Hole said...

I think Etsy is the coolest site, but so hard to find all the good stuff. I'm so glad you're here to do the work for us!

I congratulate myself on finding Buttershug at Etsy - great scarves.

ambika said...

I wish Etsy wasn't down at the mo because I have been dying to find some artwork--but their search feature is so wacky, it's hard to find what I'm looking for.

poppy said...

hey - thanks for the shout out - big fan of hers (as you know)!

: )