Wednesday, September 12

Trophy Life.

I might have been a hobbit, or a troll or something in a former life (maybe an elf? - that's a bit nicer), because I really have this thing for moss, which to me, lives in a kind of miniature plant world. Every since I was little I've been strangely drawn to mossy creeks and streams, tree trunks covered in it, or buildings climbing with it. It's so refreshing looking, so new. So when my mum told me about an idea she saw on one of the home decorating shows (and I'm sorry, she will never remember the names of these kinds of things), I knew I'd like to post about it and share.

The designer in this case, had filled large, vintage trophy cups with lovely, overflowing moss. The girls at
Small Stump have done it, as well, with their gorgeous birch bark tubes which I ordered the minute I saw them. Green blogger and author Danny Seo of Simply Green shared some vintage, patina sterling bowls filled with moss, too. It's a fresh look for a crisp cool bathroom, where the moss will love the moisture, or a modern look for a centerpiece and a change from flowers. Plus, it's a living, sustainable thing and the trophies are recycled... so, it's all good. Now I'm hot on the trail for vintage trophy your backs, athletes everywhere.

*Beautiful miniature moss world photo from xinegrrl.


annmarie wikman said...

Very nice moss-idea. Gives me ideas for moss-things. Just now is the right time to pick moss in Sweden :o)
In about 2 mounths its to late...snow!!!

beachbungalow8 said...

oh my, vintage trophies! you and the rest of us. aren't they great? great post.

Tara said...

On an old episode of "Trading Spaces", Designer Genevieve Gorder somehow adhered moss to a bedroom wall. It looked cool but somehow I doubt it was very practical.

Vintage Wine said...

Just found your blog & I only wanted to say that I really enjoy what I've seen so far :-)
Take care,

Kate said...

glad you're back :)

wig said...

limn currently has an enormous framed moss 'picture' on the wall. it's gorgeous.

Jon King said...

There is something warm and comforting about moss. After 14 years of perfect companionship, we had to lay one of our cats to rest last November. Since it was getting cold, I used a bed of moss to cover her grave in hopes that it would somehow keep her warmer through the winter months... it was the least I could do.