Monday, January 26

Sunday in the City.

Well, I'm not gonna lie, I had a bit of a rough weekend, so please forgive my lack of a fresh set of Sunday in the City pics. It sounds like a bad country-western song, but my computer broke down, my car was towed and impounded, and I am a bit under the weather, with a cold. So, with all that said (in a sad, whiny tone of voice),I couldn't get a new set ready in time, so I am going to share some of my oldies, some of my favorites. I'll promise, I'll be back next week with a fresh batch!

Pink Slip.

V was for Vicki.

French Laundry.

Hop Scotch.

Tea House.

Wall Flower.

Twenty-eight Stories.

Fancy Ford.

Bobby Soxers.

Sweet & Succulent.


alice said...

I hope that your week is better! What beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...


I love these favorites! And what a great idea to re-show them.
Sorry about your car etc. Now THAT is a real Sunday in the City story. . . parking is such a challenge.
Feel better, and enjoy the sunshine that's supposed to be around all week.
Your fan, Joan

seesaw designs said...

oldies but goodies - love these combos! hope this week is better

jamie said...

I love the socks shot! Sorry about your car. This week will be better, I know it.

Ana said...

Sorry about your car!

I'm sick too, it must be going around the bay area.

Carrie said...

oh Victoria! i'm sorry to hear you had such a rough weekend. the week will improve greatly i'm sure!

lovely favorites for this post :)

Mrs.French said...

oh no you....hope the rest of your week is better...xo t

drollgirl said...

i like these! hope you feel better soon.

cindy : quaint said...

hope things get better ... love these.

Sheri said...

well, your reinvented sunday looks good to me. i'll take one.

SimplyGrove said...

Pink Slip is my fave!!!!!!

robyn said...

i hope you put a book together of all your photographs, they're great!

Stacy said...

Everytime you post sf photos, I want to move back.

MODsquad said...

Oh, dang it!!! So sorry for your weekend! I LOVE your Sunday in the City favorites! I think they are ALL my favorite! Sending wishes for a fresh & fantastic week!

modern-furniture-guy said...

A Very Nice Sunday!