Monday, January 26

Tuck Me In and Turn Out the Lights.

Beside reading, from Yolise.

I guess because I'm feeling a bit under the weather, the thought of curling up in a warm, cozy bed is quite appealing to me right now. I perused my flickr groups in search of just that thing, a comfy, cozy bed. Mmmm, sweet dreams.

So serene, from Jen Selk.

Groovy headboard, from bitterlemons.

Lovely branches, from missmoon.

Fancy black lacquer, from beezy.peezy.

Mystery books, from matilda deathstar.

Morran gets cosy, from Camilla Engman.

Pretty simplicity, from citypix.

Vera pillow cases, from abbytrysagain.

Colorful patterns, from jek in the box.

Loft-like goodness, from lifeonflower.

Just peachy, from On Bradstreet.


Kotori said...

All these pictures make me want to head back to bed :)
Love that pink funky headboard.

Tamstyles said...

I am sleepy enough...that just did it for me...Uhhh Mondays and those beds!

Robin said...

Now I feel guilty because I AM in a delicious comfy bed! Hope you feel better, or at least find your way to your own comfy bed soon.

Chiara Kael said...

jen selks bedroom pic reminds me of carrie bradshaws looks so sex in the city.

automatism said...

Feel better soon! And hope you get to curl up in bed and take it easy in no time, too.


leaca said...

nice beds. hope you feel better soon.

Mrs.French said...

I have the sudden urge to go back to bed...seriously. xo t

Annette said...

Uhh that makes me think of how much I need to do something about my bedroom, real soon. Thanks for inspiring!

rebecca {at} thrilled by the thought said...

That was kind of a mean post! I have to work but now I want to sleep! =)

SimplyGrove said...

What a great line-up!!!!

Joanna said...

I could SO use some of that loft-like goodness. Ranunculus are some of my favorite flowers and I've read that Bill Bryson book on the nightstand, too.