Tuesday, February 24

Flickr Curator: Mrs. French.

I'm very excited about today's Flickr Curator, Traci French, aka Mrs. French of flickr fame. Traci runs the beautiful blog, Bliss, and is an amazing photographer - I want to shoot like Traci when I grow up. She also shares her lovely work with the world, in her etsy shop, Blissful Images, where you can purchase her gorgeous, delicate images. I just knew her curated set of flickr faves would have me oohing and awing. It took me a long time to get through it, without wanting to favorite each and every inspiring image.

Here's what Traci shared about about her flickr faves: "I think, to me, my 'favorites' represent a world I would like to live in. My real life world is often chaotic, cluttered and/or a work in progress. My photography and the photography of others allow me to create the world I see myself in, the one I create in my head: fresh, soft, simple and lovely...taking in the everyday, and finding the beautiful in the mundane. One day I hope to create this type of environment all around myself and my family; until then I have photographs."

Photo credits (to see any of these images larger, click on each link): 1. ·nel· 2. yyellowbird 3. browncardigan 4. insomnia. 5. Elle Moss 6. *etoile* 7. roboppy 8. CharlaneG 9. under the leaves 10. simple moth 11. Ben.Doo.Dat 12. chuck.bergeron 13. carla la 14. cute as a button 15. lawatt 16. sapaho 17. .trevor 18. .trevor 19. SurprisePally 20. tartelette 21. corfu~ 22. cannelle-vanille 23. my whimsy 24. kat burns 25. *Peanut (Lauren) 26. Letizia Gilioli 27. bungalow8 28. CharlaneG 29. one blue wren 30. one blue wren 31. *Peanut (Lauren) 32. tiny white lights 33. jennsaddiction 34. simple moth 35. paper pony, and 36. danske.


FancyPants-design said...

Just beautiful! I adore Ms. French's photography and the photos she curated are equally as lovely. I agree with her--they all look like places or a world I would like to be in. Thanks for sharing.

nicolle said...

i love mrs.french's work too, her collection of favs are just so lovely! i am really enoying your flickr curator posts. :)

words and photo booth moments said...

yes, every time i see one of her images i head on over to her shop to see if it's for sale, they are so delightful, i don't know how you narrowed it down!!

Dane said...

I love these posts, as I have lived and breathed Flickr for a few years now. You and another contact of mine do something similiar with this, and it's introduced me to so much beauty (and so many wonderful new contacts) that I'm thinking of starting something like it too.