Monday, August 6

Sleepy Flea.

The Alameda Flea Market was a bit of a snore yesterday. I can't put my finger on exactly why, but this gentleman had the right idea. Perhaps it was the cold, drizzly weather, or the market's new location, but it was just a little 'off'. Dunno why, but, we certainly made the most of it, and a good laugh was had by all. But what's also funny is that Leslie from Apartment Therapy SF and I took exactly the same photo - of this crazy portrait! Is she laughing with her head thrown back? Or screaming in horror? One can't really tell, but she was clearly the highlight of the day.


Nora said...

How funny I was going to go but something got in the way and I had to bail. Maybe next month it will pick up.

Leigh said...

There's a big o'l spread about Alameda Flea market in the new Country Living, p.61. I know last time was a little sucky, for me, because of the weather. But after seeing this, I'm all jazzed up for next time around.