Wednesday, October 3

The Look, The Feel of...Metal.

I'm noticing a rebirth of all kinds of iron work in furniture of late and am realizing, as I snap photos around town, that this inspiration comes from everywhere, even Ferris wheels and old gated doorways. I've always liked how the curlicue swirls of iron add a feminine feel to a room, and a bit of Parisian flair. What I now love about iron is that it's also sustainable. Metal isn't normally thrown into landfills. Its pieces are sold off for scrap and the metal itself can be melted down, ready to become something new and shiny. I've paired up some of my iron work finds with some fresh looking fabrics from Purl Soho.

I love this Brocade Medallion Bed and its pretty wrought iron frame. I'd like to use it as a daybed in a living area piled with lots of fresh, modern prints and fabrics. I like this Chevron Striped Pillow from Jayson Home & Garden and this beautiful updated floral from Etsuko Furuya Echino. They're a fun contrast to each other and yet the colors compliment each other and create a fun mix.

Anthropologie's Heirloom Tomato Loveseat is really cute for carrying off this look, too, and I love the red. If you dress these girly pieces up with bright, modern fabrics you get away from too much of the cottage, shabby chic look. These two fabrics are Freshcut Prints in Rose Crest from designer Heather Bailey.

Paris Hotel Boutique currently has this amazing mid-century breakfast set in vintage faux bamboo iron. Picture it upholstered with seat cushions in bright fabric for a new twist on Hollywood Regency, such as Fruits & Flowers and Freshcut Print in Green Crest also from designer Heather Bailey.

This 1950's Vintage Italian Tole Bamboo Vanity and Bench, also from Paris Hotel Boutique, is really nice when you need a light piece to balance your decor. The glass top and sleek iron work is almost an afterthought and opens up a room to let color in. I love my rolling coffee table, made from an old rolling cart and special piece of thick cut glass to top it off.

Ivory Flower Lotus and this Chartreuse Dotta Polk would be fun upholstery for chair cushions, like my vintage wrought iron bar stools. I covered mine in a retro print drapery panel from the flea market. You can find all kinds of vintage ironwork at salvage yards and flea markets and with a fresh coat of paint, they can look fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Just lovely selections. Placing an image of that chevron pillow beside the Echino fabric which I have some cushions covered in makes me want the chevron cushion SO DARN BAD.

sfgirlbybay said...

zee - don't deprive yourself ;)

i think you should have it.

Anonymous said...

I have that lovely Etsuko fabric. I turned it into a lovely lap blanket that sits at the end of my bed.

Libby said...

you're it! you've been tagged on my blog!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post. That ferris wheel image is really awesome...where is that? The gated doorway and medallion bed are gorgeous too. My boyfriend has been promising me forever he's going to make us a dining room table from this gorgeous vintage gate he bought...must start pestering him about that again!

Anonymous said...

i love those faux-bamboo chairs. they are so chic!


katiedid said...

Loving that bed and the chairs. And of course the gorgeous coffee!;)

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Hi Victoria, I've been meaning to email you and thank you for the nice post about my dinette set. It's greatly appreciated. Love reading your blog. It's the first I check. I must admit I've been behind...just working on the new launch of my site. Errr...lots of work. Anyway, thanks again!! Lynn