Friday, March 7

In The Library: Stylish Reading.

I love bookmarks, and I pretty much hate folding down the corners in any book to mark my place. So when I saw this pretty bookmark I couldn't help but share. Via Curbly, this handmade hardwood bookmark even comes with it's own DIY instructions. Follow this link, my friends and you too, can mark your place in a sophisticated modern style.

And should you need a new book with some pretty pages to mark, how about this vintage edition of Edward Durell Stone - The Evolution of An Architect from High Valley Books? This cover is almost too pretty to turn the pages (oh, but you must!). And this little wooden work of bookmark art would look smashing just hanging out of it. There you go. Reading never looked so cool.


Anonymous said...

oooh, I was just looking for a bookmark the other day! I had been using a dollar bill until I found myself, with my book, drooling in front of dunkin donuts.

You really must put together a bookmark round-up someday!

sfgirlbybay said...

spoon&tango - LOL. i had a whole visual of you dropping your place in the book and running in for a chocolate glazed. perfect!

Furnitude said...

I'll keep these bookmarks in mind for something I can make with all the scraps I generate in making furniture. Thanks!