Friday, June 6

The Weekend Wrap-Up.

I'm starting a new weekly post, which I will run each Friday afternoon. It'll be a brief wrap-up of all the week's posts, just in case you weren't able to check in everyday (for heaven sakes, forbid!). This will give you a quick link to the posts that may seem most relevant to you, and you might like to take a look at it, or review again whilst perhaps you sip your weekend coffee. I am also planning a site re-design soon, to help archive things in a more organized fashion, so for instance, you'll be able to find all of my posts, including Sunday in the City, Unexpected Guests, Friends & Neighbors etc., as well as the extensive resource links, all in one very handy place. Stay tuned for more! And, as always, thanks for reading! Have a great weekend...

Monday 6.2: Sunday in the City took us on a little trip through San Francisco's Mission District; and a look at lifestyle photographer Ellen Silverman's lovely work.
Tuesday 6.3: I shared self-publishing, software genius Blurb books with you; and I took a quick, little coffee break!
Wednesday 6.4: Unexpected Guests took us into the fabulous Victorian flat of creative director Kelly Niland.
Thursday 6.5: I shared my now, not-so-secret garden, the Fort Mason Community Garden with you; and let you know about artist Leigh Well's first solo show at Gallery 16, Friday (tonight), June 6.
Friday 6.6: I gave you a sneak peek of sustainable eco-friendly fashions available at The Studio; and shared a happy little photo from danske.

Lastly, I leave you with this new giclee show print by Melbourne based artist Kareem Rizk entitled Vandalism. You can find it in a small limited edition of only 50 (and it's just $75!), part of his solo exhibition with Phone Booth Gallery, in Long Beach, California.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I truly do. But please, don't you too start with the weekly wrap ups. It's bad enough that Apartment Therapy has recaps every few posts, but so does DesignSponge. I find them such a waste of time and strange. I can easily scroll back through the posts of the week. It's not like there were thousands. I want a new post to send me on my way on Friday, not a wrap up. It's just my opinion of course, but personally I glaze over those as fast as I can. Annoyed the entire time. Other than that one post, I adore your blog!

sfgirlbybay said...

well, that's definitely something to consider. i guess i thought it would be a good way to end the week and provide readers with a quick link to the weeks' posts. i did add a "parting" note about Kareem Rizk's work - does that count? i'll give this some thought...anyone else have an opinion? thanks!

nina said...

I think it's a good idea, though of course I'm checking in each day ;)!
But I think it wouldn't be necessary to do a weekly wrap up if you could search on category in your archive, the way you suggested for the redesign.

Siw H. said...

Nice blog, tanks for teh inspiration

Anonymous said...

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