Tuesday, August 26

Simply Maule-velous!

Michele Maule is an amazing artist living in Pontiac, Michigan. Making art has become Michele's full time job and the work she creates reflects her love of it. Michelle Maule's specialty is printmaking and collage, but she also loves to paint and book bind. You can find her lovely collages available in her etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

This is probably my first comment on your blog ... I love that typewriter! How cute. Great find!

Heather said...

Too cute!
I have been admiring your blog for a while from Georgia. I just saw where you have a list of blogs for "crafty, made by hand, & recycled". I re-furbish Scrabble tiles into jewelery & magnets. Here's a link if you'd like to take a look:
BTW...I linked to you from The Vintage Flea. :)

Thanks for hosting such a cute site!!

AshleyL. said...

very cool art. simple yet fun :)

Kyoko said...

Sooo cute !
Some of this drawings remembered me of the opening of the movie " JUNO", great movie, and great drawigns.