Friday, November 16

Glancing Back.

It's been a darn busy week, so in case your week was super busy too, and you didn't have time to check in, here's a few links to recap this week's posts for you. Sit back, grab a glass of wine tonight, or perhaps a nice cup of coffee tomorrow morning and take a look back.

•I dropped in at Doe for Lorena Siminovich's art opening - all the usual suspects were there and it was a fun night for catching up.
• I got some new Keep Calm & Carry On posters printed - the usual bright, cheery red and chartreuse green, as well as some pretty pastels: pink and pale aqua.
• We took a visit to artist Anahata Katkin's beautifully imaginative art studio and home. I introduced a new sfgirlbybay feature: Style Maven - this week a look at the eccentric life of author Truman Capote.
• A trip to the Alemany Flea Market and a show and tell of my finds and some of the things I managed to resist.
• I shared my big crush on Mister Rob (swoon) and a sneak peek of my bathroom organization, vintage style.
Rose and Radich's newest Folklore gallery theme; a tour of Lauren & Derek's Curiosity Shoppe in the Mission District, as well as some local San Francisco Happenings.
• A look at the colors of my childhood and some amazing artwork from Dolan Geiman, as well as an important reminder about his etsy sale!

All and all, a good week. Enjoy a fabulous and well-deserved weekend!


paris parfait said...

Hi Victoria - I sent you an email about the aqua poster.

Maggie Sumner said...

I'm amazed at how much you get accomplished in a week! Do you never sleep?

sfgirlbybay said...

not as much as I should, maggie! :)