Monday, November 3

A Very Special Thank You!

I'm at long last home from my travels abroad. And I hardly know how to put into words how grateful I am to all of the amazing guest bloggers that kept the sfgirlbybay readers such good company while I was away in Thailand. Each and every one of you did such a brilliant job, to be honest, I didn't even feel missed! Which is great thing, because not only did you keep the readers happy, entertained and informed (right!?), but I was able to really relax and enjoy my holiday without a worry in the world! I am so forever grateful to each and every one of you:

A very heartfelt thanks to the über talented Mrs. French of Bliss for all her gorgeous photography, and those sneak peeks at Portland shop Noun, and then sharing Noun shop owner Stephanie Sheldon's beautiful home. She also took us back to the beach with some of those amazing photos of her own, as well as some other very talented shutterbugs. Simply stunning!

Kudos to Bradford (aka, my favorite Uncle Beefy) of Bedlam of Beefy for his really fun, and super spooky "ghost blog" of Halloween haunts, a bounty of boutonnieres from San Francisco's own Rosenow Floral Design, and the very lovely work of Gryphon Stationers. And, then last but not least, his two fab tours of one of my favorite cities from the north, Seattle, Washington. You never cease to amaze, Beefy!

Mercí to the always crazily creative Andrea of Hula Seventy, who graciously shared with you one of her fun photobooth specials, and her always incredible photographs, including some inspired by my trip to Thailand she found at one of her fave Portland shops, Cargo. That was just pure genius! She also shared at look at her friends Susan & Barry's lovely and creative Portland home. I want to move in!

Ah, and ありがとう to my dear Hijiri of Heartfish! She shared some amazing images from the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum in her homeland of Japan. Hijiri also shared some fantastic examples of graphic typography from a recent trip back to San Francisco (where we originally met), as well as incredible imagery from our mutual favorite Hatch Show Print, as well as some beautiful letterpress, wood block type and prints from her recent classes in this timeless craft. I miss you, Heej!

Many, many thanks to Rachel of Bling On My Sewing Machine who brought us some totally inspiring Halloween decor and disguise ideas, not to mention that yummy recipe for her amazing Pumpkin Spice Cookies! Rachel had wanted to share much more, but was feeling unwell, and girl I hope you are doing much better! You are in my thoughts, and I so appreciate your contributions!

So many thanks to the very lovely Raya of The Paper Pony, another wonderful wedding and lifestyle photographer with amazing taste! Raya took us on a few fantastic tours of her hometown of Ventura, a small, and yet beautiful California beach community, and one of my favorite places to visit when I'm down South. Your photos just blow me away!

Muchas gracias (!) to Lisa of Lisa Congdon Art+Craft, and Rare Device. Lisa kindly took us on not just one, but two awesome tours of San Francisco's famed (for furniture, food and fun fashion!) historic Mission District. As an amazing artist with a great eye for style, and a local resident of the Mission, Lisa shared some great and somewhat unknown neighborhood finds! Thank you so much, Lisa!

I'm so very grateful to the dynamic duo, Lauren & Derek of The Curiosity Shoppe , who took us on some totally unique visits around the bay area. Including a cinematic slice of history: Alfred Hitchcock's famous San Francisco film locations, which I was just in awe of (his films are a huge favorite of mine)! As well as a unique DIY look at great finds from Economy Restaurant Fixtures. And finally, one of my very own favorite stomping grounds, SF's own Japantown! Bravo, you guys, I loved it all!!

So much gratitude to Emma of Emma's DesignBlogg, who's based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Emma shared some incredibly beautiful Scandinavian design, including a look at some of the design work currently out of Beckmans School of Design. She also shared some gorgeous interiors from the Danish apartment of Graphic Designer Tobias Mikkelsen and Architect Student Hanne Scheel Mikkelsen. Lovely images, Emma!

And last, but definitely not at all the least, so many thanks to Libby of Pink Shirts & Car Wrecks. Libby shared so much design goodness, from her fun Halloween finds, to her very own version of alphabet city! Not to mention those amazing poster finds from the Poster Offensive event, which everyone went nuts for, and some really well designed studio work spaces, and finally to those, well, very inspiring inspiration wires! You really outdid yourself, Libby!

I hope if you missed any of these posts you'll take a look now, and also continue to check in with this amazingly talented group of artists I've been lucky enough to meet, either in person, or though the wonderful community we've all built together online (including you the readers!!). I feel so honored to call you friends, to have had your kind comments, and contributions, and to get back to work on sfgirlbybay. Thanks to all of you all for staying tuned, and to you guest bloggers for offering up so much of your inspiring creativity in my absence. Thanks for allowing me the time to refuel. It's good to be home!

xx, Victoria


rae dunn. said...

no, you were WAY missed. but look at how cute, rested and TAN you are!!!

welcome back.


Hijiri said...


You are so sweet :) I hope you had a wonderful time!!!

Thank YOU soo much for having me!!


Lori Andrews said...

welcome back!

cindy : quaint said...

welcome back! thank you for choosing such wonderful guest bloggers to keep the fires going until you returned from your incredible trip. said...

I had a FABULOUS time enjoying your amazingly talented guest bloggers but I'm also thrilled you're back!

Heidi said...

Everyone did a fabulous job filling in for you, but you were missed. I am taking a group of college girls to the city this Saturday for shopping and I am going to check out some of the stores that have been mentioned on your blog. I am very excited about it. : )

pinkshirtsandcarwrecks said...

thanks so much for letting me help fill in while you were away. so glad to hear you had happy travels! welcome back!

Jaimee said...

Welcome Home!
We've missed you.

And thanks for thinking of us while you were gone...your guest were fantastic!

sfgirlbybay said...

thank you all for the warm welcome home! but they did an amazing job, right!!?? i loved the guest posts and learned about some great resources. i think i need to take some trips closer to home and visit some of these great spots! :)

thanks again to all of you!!

Uncle Beefy said...

AH! Hoorah! We have our SF Girl back home! Thanks for giving us guest bloggers free reign over your dominion, V. But let's be VERY clear about who is the real Queen around here! We all bow down! LOVE this pic of you! Seriously refreshed looking you are. :) Glad to have you back by the Bay.

sfgirlbybay said...

oh hoorah for you uncle beefy! your contributions were awesome! seattle, here i come. thank you so very much! :)

sfgirlbybay said...

and thank you libby!! i can't believe how hard you worked! i couldn't asked for a more dedicated bunch of guests!! :)